About Us

Bringing Deni kitchen products to the marketplace is all about providing our customers with products to easily make fresh, restaurant quality food in their own home.

Founded over 30 years ago, Deni began what became a three-decade long commitment to bringing high quality, elegantly designed kitchen products to market. We are a family owned and operated company headquartered in Buffalo, NY. Over the years, the Deni name became synonymous with high-quality, well-designed affordable products.

Deni grew from offering one product in the 1980's (Freshlock Food Vacuum Sealer), to 7 products in the 1990's to nearly 100 items available in 2000's in the US, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico & South America.

Product channels include national retailers, department stores, gourmet shops, TV shopping channels, and direct to consumer retail. We have also done Private Label for retailers included HSN, QVC, Sears and Gander Mountain.

Product Categories & Specialties Include: Pressure Cookers, Food Vacuum Sealers, Ice Cream Makers, Deep Fryers, Ice Shavers, Ice Crushers, Food Slicers, Food Grinders, Pizza Ovens, Small Motor Appliances, Food Dehydrators, Skillets, Novelty Appliances, Food Steamers, Indoor Grills, Convection Ovens, Burners, Gadgets and Meat Tenderizers.